Dear Patient, Welcome! This Portal has been created to make you aware & understand all the aspects related to taking care of hypertension. Proper management of hypertension depends on your own involvement & adherence to related instructions. Click & download the soft copy of the below related instruction booklets in your choice of language


Will provide you the process of creating heart healthy recipe with low fat & high fibre content

Nutrition & Lifestyle guide

Will provide you basic but important information about nutrition & maintaining healthy lifestyle

High BP Facts & Management

Lear more about hypertension, associated risks & ways to manage it

Health trackers

It’s a well planned & designed booklet to regularly track your- weight, BP, Sugar, Cholesterol,Exercise,Medicine,

Meal tracker

Specially designed & planned booklet to keep a track on your diet- one of most important factor in BP management

Yoga booklet

Beneficial in all forms of diseases & can be done by patients of all age group